Be Like a Tree

Be like a tree

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Be like a tree. In relationship to everything in your life, where do you stand? People, places, things, organic, inorganic, color, texture, soundscape, landscape, giving, receiving, contributing, sustaining, convenient, meaningful, etc.

We often forget that we are not an individual but a community. We are singularly a community of everything. Our bodies host bacteria and viruses that modify our cells and fuel our systems. We need them to thrive and survive and they need us, too. Our thoughts and emotions – our energy – precedes us and impacts everything around us. The colors we choose to wear, the environments we choose to live in and be part of, the language we use, the food we eat, the beverages we consume, the waste we produce, the growth we encourage… these are all part of our relationship with everything in our lives.

So many of us look for relationships to validate our existence. It is easy to forget that the most important relationship we can foster is the one we have with ourselves. If we can get all parts of our inner environment balanced and harmonized, our outer world and our relationship to all facets of it become more loving and peaceful. Every thought we attach to, every emotion we allow, and every decision we take, affects and aligns us with the reality we create.

Are you in relationship with yourself? Are you in relationship with your outer world? If we stop and assess, we can give ourselves permission to witness where adjustments may be needed in our inner world that will positively impact our outer world. If we are willing to become a witness, we can observe the impact we have on others, be account-able and response-able for it, and shift it to live more meaningful and love-filled lives.

When and where will you begin? Be like a tree. Make some time to sit in silence with yourself. Ask what you need to know and sit quietly for five or ten minutes. Then, write down whatever comes to you for the next five minutes. Avoid censorship regardless of how silly, nonsensical, or outrageous the words or pictures may seem. Keep writing until the time is expired. Then go about your day. When you visit it again, you will find little nuggets of treasure in your writing and you may even experience an ‘aha!’ moment.

When you access your heart and soul through this, you will find there is a depth and breadth of wisdom waiting for you to discover, explore, extract, and use it. When you connect more often with your heart and soul, you find a relationship with yourself that is deep and meaningful. When you are ready to connect with other Heart and Soul People, please do join us.

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