Take Steps to Active Prevention

Jean Hamilton-Fford, HeartHaven Wholistic Renewal Initiative, Take steps to active prevention

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You know the saying, ‘Prevention is better than the cure.’ It’s true. Take steps to active prevention and put your life on a course of renewal.

What can you do? You can look at where you are now.

How is your:

  1. Physical health
  2. Emotional health
  3. Mental health
  4. Spiritual health
  5. Financial health

When you examine all of these, be honest with yourself. No one is judging you, but you. Know that when you change any of these areas, you will change them all.

If your physical health needs to improve, think about what you could do to begin changing it for the better. You might start with a trip to your doctor. Your physical health is also about your nutrition, sleep, and rest. There are plenty of ways to improve your physical health and when you do, you will find it will change the rest of you too.

Good emotional health will help you stay the course and be more consistent and motivated. There are plenty of services and sources online you can look at to find the help you need. Emotional health is your willingness to express yourself in resourceful ways. If you aren’t able to seek external help, journaling or writing is a great way to reflect and release your emotions until you can. What can you do today to help yourself with that?

Mental health is often tied to emotional health. They seem to be best buddies so when one is out of balance, so is the other. We are often quick to label everything as a mental health issue. If you are unsure and anxious or depressed, let others know. Seek help. If you aren’t able to access any outside help, you can find online resources that might be able to help you until you can. Cognitive behavioral therapy is helpful for some mental health issues and some self-paced programs can be found online.

Spiritual health gives you a connection to something greater than yourself. It gives you an expanded view and releases you from your egocentric model of the world. When we feel connected to everyone and everything, it makes this chronic condition we call life a little more bearable. ‘Spiritual’ means different things to different people. Be curious. Explore what appeals to you. There are no ‘shoulds’ in this. There is only a call to become aware that all things are part of you and you are part of them. Get out in nature and you will discover more of this.

Financial health can be a real sticking point. Most of us are either really good with our finances or really rubbish. Unexpected circumstances can put it all at risk. Do you keep track of your finances? Do you have any monies set aside for emergencies? Now is a great time to take a look at your finances. Begin putting steps in place to safeguard and help yourself. You can discover plenty of services and resources online for this, too.

IT ALL COMES DOWN to you. It all begins with YOU. Get everything sorted for yourself, then reach out, share what you know with others, and help them on their way forward.

You are a phenomenal and extraordinary piece of the greater world. When you take steps to improve all areas of your health, you will find that you are supported. Look for resources and services that will meet you where you are and take you one step further. What do you say? What will you begin with today? Remember, change one area and they will all shift.

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