The Single Most Important Connection

Jean Hamilton-Fford, HeartHaven, Heart and Soul People, The Single Most Important Connection

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We all have connections. We know what to do to connect with others and the first step is to reach out. While you might think that is the single most important connection, I invite you to think about it a little differently. You won’t find it on social media or through networking. You won’t find it in your family or friends. You won’t find it in your work or at your workplace.

The single most important connection isn’t found anywhere out there. It is found within you.

Amplify your inner peace. If you are unsure about doing this, sit quietly for a few minutes and contemplate what you believe it means. Imagine that you can see it clearly, like writing on a wall, or an image through the lens of a camera. What will you find? You might hear it in certain words like ‘relax,’ or ‘breathe,’ or experience it in a sigh. You might feel it in the warmth of joy or gentleness of kindness. You might experience it when you brush your hair or move with ease and grace.

Our inner peace resides in every facet of our being. Be open to become aware of it. Invite it to express itself. Let your heart be open to receiving beautiful messages from within you. Amplify your inner peace. It is the single most important connection you will ever make.

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